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Our Story

Who We Are

Welcome to our story! 

Herky The Cavalier started on Instagram in 2014. It started from my love for Herky when she first entered my life in July of 2014. What started as simple photo sharing quickly became a loving community of cavalier owners and dog lovers from all over the world. She forever changed our lives and the way I live. For that, she is my heart dog.

I love sharing our daily activities, struggles of dog being a dog parent, everything Cavalier related, dog mom lifestyle things on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. I do so hoping that it can make some people smile and help others with their own puppies. As a first time dog owner in 2014, I did not have all the resources available today for raising a puppy. I learned little by little and day after day. Still to this day, there are things I learn as I navigate through dog adulthood into the "mature" dog chapter (not me crying). 

Through the years I have come to realize that the cavalier community is incredibly supportive, loyal and united.

​When I got Milton in 2016, the passion grew even further. From puppy training, to dog food, grooming, training and traveling, our content is "dog lifestyle" and how dogs are not just pets. They are an integral part of our family. 

Baby Oasis joined the family in the fall of 2021. Now as a family of 5, we take you along our journey of balancing life, work, cavaliers and babies (phew!!).​

Herky The Cavalier is your go-to source for anything cavalier and cav-mom lifestyle. I love sharing dog-related content with our followers because it is always positive, light and heart-warming. I am also very passionate about treating dogs the best way possible so I share only the best food and treats, health and grooming tips and much more.

​Through our content I hope to educate our audience on dog ownership and also create a space where people can enjoy beautiful dog photography and fun videos.

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