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& Milton!
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Two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels wearing glasses

who we are

Hi everyone, I’m Herky The Cavalier.


I’m a lady cavy that’s part sassy, part snobby but all love. That puppy there beside me is my baby sister Milton. She might look innocent, but let us not be fooled, she’s quite the feisty little one.


We live in Montreal and Los Angeles.


Welcome to our world!

what we do

We offer a variety of services to different brands such as activations, reviews and collaborations.

It’s not all work though, as we also have a Youtube channel in which we feature our travels from all around the world and vlog our daily lives. 

You can also follow us on all our other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok! 

our clients

Milton and I are always looking for new collaborators. Our mom is a content creator and she loves to work with new partners and friends. If you have any fun projects for us to partake in, don’t hesitate to give us a woof and contact our mommy.


The more contracts she gets, the more treats we get to eat. It’s wonderful.


Big or small we have something for you in our store. We have everything from dog apparel to human apparel. 


Shop our exclusive handmande leash collections for every style. We’ve made it easy to shop for you furry friend with sizing charts on all our items!